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Applied to RSNA $40k/1 yr Current Project / Informatics

  • To assist Dr. Hanan Gewefel of the Woman and Fetal Imaging (WAFI) clinic in Cairo, Egypt in developing her breast cancer surveillance system.
  • To help Dr. Gewefel and her colleagues analyze the data from the WAFI database, and improve the state of knowledge about breast cancer in Egyptian women.
WAFI data entry screen.
  • In Egypt and other low- to middle-income countries, breast cancer ¬†surveillance systems are currently under development.
  • Grassroots efforts initiated by Middle Eastern universities and health care providers in Egypt to support Egyptian breast cancer¬†surveillance are lacking, and this has caused a bias in the information that has been published on this topic.
  • WAFI is teaming up with DPS and other colleagues to further develop clinical breast cancer surveillance in Egypt.
WAFI colleagues.
Company Role

DPS assisted Dr. Gewefel and colleagues in submission of a grant to the Radiological Society of North America. DPS has assisted Dr. Gewefel in writing proposals to Samsung Medison.


DPS assists Dr. Gewefel and her colleagues with the development of scientific presentations and publications.


DPS provides consulting to Dr. Gewefel and WAFI in public health research administration.

Related Publications
Dr. Gewefel, CEO of WAFI clinic, is a thought leader on breast cancer in young women in Egypt. She has authored the following publications:
WAFI waiting area.
WAFI seminar.
Updated January 8, 2017. Photos by Monika Wahi, Dr. Hanan Gewefel, and WAFI.