Public Health Communication

Communication about public health topics to the scientific and lay community.

Scientists/public Current Project / Education / Health Policy 2012

  • To communicate in plain language study design and analysis considerations that affect the interpretation of public health research.
  • To improve public health research literacy in the community.
Scientific Literacy

Explain scientific concepts in public health to the community.

Social Justice

Expose issues of social justice in public health to the community.


Expose corruption in the research, administration, and education infrastructure.


Serve role as “media watchdog” of government public health.

Company Role
Attendees at Yankee Congress 2015.
  • Freelance scientific writing to specifications
  • Freelance journalism:  investigative reporting, conference coverage, human interest stories
  • Freelance social promotion & public health communication
  • Integration of scientific results with public health policy
Audience at conference
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