Project to obtain patient data to reform pain management in the emergency department.

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To solve the problem of patients being denied pain medication in US emergency departments.
  • Addressing the problem of lack of adequate pain control in the ER would positively impact many patients.
  • Further, it would lower hostility toward patients in the ER environment and reduce stress for ER staff.
Company Role

  • Blog tracked happenings in real time at MassHack 2014.
  • Promoted using social media.
  • erREFORM has a monetization plan directed at particular market segments.
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Related Publications
Pain not addressed
  • A 2007 study found only 60% of patients presenting to an ER in pain received pain medication.
  • Also, the study found that 74% of patients were discharged in moderate to severe pain.
Seven reasons why
  • In 2005, Rupp & Delaney listed seven reasons why pain remained undertreated in the ER.
  • Reason #3:  Lack of rigorous study data.
Data from patients
  • erREFORM is a smartphone app which allows pain patients to donate their own data to this surveillance effort.
  • Having empowered patients enter their own data avoids privacy issues.

Pictures from MassHack 2014

Page last updated on July 1, 2014.  ER photos courtesy of Eyone and the US Navy.