Blood Utilization Collaborative

Project to benchmark blood product use as several Midwestern hospitals.

Red Cross <$10k/yr Health Policy / Informatics / Past Project

  • To benchmark blood product use among several Midwestern hospitals
  • To help these hospitals form policies to better steward scarce resources
  • Blood is a precious commodity, especially rare blood types.
  • Transfusions are required as part of transplant surgery, and minimizing blood product use is important.
  • Facilities must also minimize blood product use in trauma and the operating room.
Company Role
The company helped coordinate Regions Hospital, Allina Hospitals, U of MN Fairview and Duluth, and the North Central Blood Services at the Red Cross to develop and test a plan for benchmarking blood product use.
Data Dictionary

Led the development of a standard data dictionary of required elements.

Data Flow

Clarified, diagrammed and tested planned data flow.


Led grantwriting and funding effort, developing budget and team.


Provided authorship expertise and leadership on publications and presentations.

Related Publications

Skeate RC, Wahi MM, Casanova RJ, Burch JW, Janas JS, Troughton M.  Syncope and vasovagal reactions:  risk factors, recognition and treatment in Blood donor health and safety, AABB Press; Bethesda, MD, 2009.

Blood drive sign
Conference Paper

Subramanian A, Aysola A, Peterson M, Bowman R, Haller I, Skeate R, Wahi M, Connelly D: Blood Utilization Collaborative:  A cooperative community information technology effort for blood use benchmarking. Paper presented as a poster presentation at: 60th Annual Meeting of the AABB; October 20-23, 2007; Anaheim, CA.

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