The Byrd Institute Research Database and Information Infrastructure (BIRDII).

Byrd Institute >$1 mil/yr Informatics / Past Project

To develop an online database for 15 state-sponsored memory disorder clinics in Florida to use a standardized method to track their patients.
  • The Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (ADI) was passed in Florida in 1985 designating four memory disorder clinics (MDCs) and requiring a database to be developed to track their patients.
  • As of 2002, when the USF Health Byrd Institute was founded by legislation, several attempts had been made at building this database, but none were successful.
  • Under our direction, the BIRDII was developed and went live with 15 MDCs in 2004.  MDCs could now provide standardized reports to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs.
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Company Role

Visited 15 Memory Disorder Clinics and wrote requirements.


Designed appropriate database schema.


Directed database development and deployment.


Provided user documentation and support.

Related Publications

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Mouse in hand

Cao C, Lin X, Wahi MM, Jackson EA, and Potter H, Jr. Successful adjuvant-free vaccination of BALB/c mice with mutated amyloid beta peptides. BMC Neurosci, 2008. 9: p. 25.

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