DethWench Professional Services (DPS) was founded by Monika Wahi in 2004 as a part-time consulting effort. In 2012, Monika expanded to emphasize tutoring and the development of educational material in public health.


In 2015, Monika became a co-founder of Vasanta Health Science, a biotech company. When the other co-founder left in 2016, DPS became a division of Vasanta Health Science.

To be the most socially responsible public health research consulting company.
Along the way to our mission, our vision is to empower the world through data, information, knowledge and wisdom.
Let DethWench do your data…

We don’t push you into large contracts with vague statements of work and no listed deliverables on an unknown timeline.

It’s ‘pay as you go’ even with large projects.  This allows you to get the deliverables you need at the price you budgeted on the timeline negotiated.

Use of our educational services allows you the ability to disengage from the company if you prefer to take over the project yourself, or give it to another company.


As seen recently in the media, tech giants such as Yahoo and Google are not equitably hiring women and minorities.

US Department of Labor statistics reveal that ethnic minority women are paid less than equally-qualified white women for the same job, who are in turn paid less than ethnic minority men, who are paid less than white men.

At DethWench Professional Services, equally-qualified people are paid equally for the same job.

Fiscal Responsibility

We have customers from private for-profit and non-profit companies, including public and private universities, as well as all levels of government.

That being said, most of the funding received by our company originates from the government through grants and contracts.

For this reason, regardless of customer type, we are financially responsible to all customers, public or private.  Unlike our competitors, we do not waste taxpayer money, even if it happens to be coming to us by way of a private entity.

Prudential Center in Boston
  • Online meetings via Skype, JoinMe, or GoToMeeting can take place for individuals or groups. These can be in the form of interactive webinars.
  • In-person meetings can take place at a location of your choice, such as on-site at your business or college, or at a hotel meeting space.
  • DPS uses Oficio for rental meeting space, featured on WBUR.
Conference Room at Regus Hartford
Photographs by Monika Wahi.

This page updated on January 8, 2017.