Do you know SAS, but you want to learn


Have you learned statistical modeling, but never built a model all by yourself?
Are you a professor who wants a textbook for a secondary health data analysis class?

…then this book is for YOU!

  • Available November 1, 2017! Click here to pre-order!
  • Code examples in both SAS and R
  • Examples use the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) dataset – an important surveillance dataset in the US
  • Demonstrations of data transformation in both SAS and R
  • Guidance on using stepwise selection to answer a hypothesis
  • Examples of descriptive, linear regression, logistic regression, and survival analysis regression
  • Instructions on how to make colorful data visualizations in R
  • Instructors:¬†This four-chapter book has exercise questions with answers at the end of each chapter!

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Updated August 3, 2017.