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  • Research designs offered in a multitude of fields:  epidemiology, psychology, market research, informatics research, management research, economic analysis, others.
  • Guide data collection plans, quantitative and qualitative research, develop surveys and data collection instruments, propose sampling and analytic approaches
  • Expertise in many different content fields in medicine, technology, and business
  • Monika was able to help me organize and analyze data I had gathered over the course of a several month experiment. I had a ton of meaningful data but little idea as to how to break it down beyond just the basic graphs.
  • She helped me polish that project and represent my data in a clear and concise manner, with a final product that contained figures suitable for publication. She also aided in the construction of a bullet-proof presentation that detailed not only the data, but the experimental protocol. Monika was able to pull from her background in the sciences, and her expertise in epidemiology, to work comfortably on complex neuroscience material.
  • … I can say with assurance that she has an extremely versatile knowledge bank and was never unable to answer any questions that I had. We executed post-experiment busy work successfully and we did it together.
  • I recommend her for any help needed with statistics, both in the classroom and out. If you are a student struggling with science/math or are a professional working in the life sciences, she is a perfect go-to.

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