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Topics:  US health care system, cell biology, cytokines, metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, pharmacology, others.
Topics:  Statistical software (SAS, SPSS, R, Excel), data curation, data transformation, data analysis, model building, statistical theory, survival analysis, others.
Topics:  Designing databases, health care and public health informatics, deploying applications, systems analysis and integration, others.
Topics:  Designing studies to address epidemiology, informatics, statistics, psychology, sociology, health policy, market research, public opinion, others.
Topics:  Scientific writing, publication and presentation, grantwriting, journalism, social media, essays, creative writing, others.
Topics:  Medical humanities, social history, criminology and correctional systems, fashion and clothing, ethics, philosophy, Ayurveda/yoga, others.
Topics:  Project management, leadership skills, application of technology, gantts, project timelines, project task lists, event organization, others.

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Tutoring Testimonials


I am so glad I selected Monika as my tutor! She is very professional. Epidemiology has been a struggle for me but Monika has a way of simplifying the subject by providing me with helpful hints to comprehend the material, in which it was easy for me to understand. She is a brilliant tutor. She is very patient and explains concepts in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Monika’s combination of an extraordinary intellect; a passion for teaching; talented, friendly, and unassuming personality make her an exceptional tutor.

Shatha A.

Monika is an excellent tutor and starts by ensuring data is clean and there are no flaws in the study design/hypothesis. Very thorough and patient. Pleasant to work with. Very accommodating with regards to busy schedule and fitting in time when needed most.


Biostatistics: SAS, SPSS, R

Monika is a great tutor, very patient, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She created the best environment for my tutoring. We worked together throughout tutoring, solving problems, interpreting and writing results. I can now proudly say I understand statistical tests, confidence interval and p- values and more. Meeting with Monika was my day’s blessing. I would certainly recommend anyone struggling with bio-statistics to contact Monika.

Sue M.

My experience with Monika is very pleasant. Biostats used to be so complicated but she made it simple and easily understood!

Sara A.

Monika is very personable, explains complicated material in a tangible manner, and is very quick to respond to e-mails! She is well versed in statistical knowledge and was easy to understand.


Theses & Dissertations

Monika is an amazing resource! She is truly passionate about data management and statistical analyses and has recently helped me in multiple ways as I complete my dissertation. She is excellent at organizing data and creating clear tables and she has also helped me in SPSS. Specifically, Monika has helped me relearn how to code data, create new variables in SPSS, keep track of outputs, and score factors in exploratory factor analysis. She is highly responsive, flexible in scheduling meetings, and generally fun to be around during a process that is not always that fun. I just might finish this Ph.D.!

Anna H.

Coffee cups on wooden tray.

Monika made the last stages of my data analysis and interpretation fun, yes I said FUN and I can hardly believe it. My dissertation completed draft went off to my chair this morning after 3 days of sessions. She helped me navigate through SPSS, and streamline my methodology and results sections. I am already committing to her support through my revisions process. Thank you Monika! You are brilliant and great to work with!


Graduate Courses

Monika was nice enough to agree to meet me under a short (crisis) notice. She explained the basics thoroughly and was very helpful with relevant examples from real life that helped me understand the subject more. I can’t thank her enough for all her amazing help!

Reem A.

I recommend Monika! She is the best tutor ever! She explains course content thoroughly, and makes sure you understand the material well. She helped me so much and I am so thankful I met her!

Maria C.

Fabulous, wants you to do great, gets the assignment done perfectly with you! Very smart, fun, knows her subject matter, focused on your issues and the direction of where you are going with your work.

Erin O.


Monika is awesome! I knew next to nothing about Excel before our sessions. After only a few weeks, I learned everything I needed to get a perfect score on my skills test. I highly recommend her as a tutor and I look forward to working with her again!

Joe P.

International Students Welcome!

This expert is especially patient, easy going and easy to work with. Working with honesty and working very hard to deliver the bits work. Excellent, on time professional services. Thanks again for your services. Thoroughly enjoy working with you, very good at what you do, professional work that is on time and good quality. A+++ Will continue to use her services!! 

Abdul A.

Monika is an excellent, patient, and knowledgeable tutor. She motivates and has a wonderful personality. I am glad that she taught me. She’s very flexible with days and times. I would highly recommend her. She’s GREAT.


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