Leadership & Management Coaching

Improve your management and leadership skills to get ahead in your academic career.

Need help getting tenure or a promotion?

We give you the competitive edge with our leadership and management coaching services:

Raising hand.
  • We coach you on empathetic, non-aggressive interpersonal skills
  • We teach you software, and how to use it optimally for management
  • We help you improve your business communication in English
  • We mentor you to more effectively lead meetings and teams
  • We coach you on project management skills calibrated for research
  • We provide emotional support for upsetting incidents with colleagues

To be successful with contemporary academics / research, it takes a broad set of skills, and many of us have important gaps. Ms. Wahi has put together a tool belt that puts her in a position to help you fill these gaps.

  • You have deep knowledge in a specific domain and great ideas, but are weak in experimental design and don’t trust your sample size calculations?
  • Your grant is almost completed but you have a weak background in current privacy regulations and are unsure how to structure a data use agreement?
  • The statistician you’re working with is good at math but just does not seem to be able to put together the basic background needed to really understand your goals, and you are worried you will not be able to support the claims you hope to make with your research once completed?

Monika can get you the targeted assistance you need. She’s bright, shrewd, encouraging, patient, and competent, and just what the doctor ordered.

Transfusion Medicine Physician & Blood Center Division Director


Monika delivers what she promises. She is knowledgeable, very organized and proficient in teaching, writing and statistics. Monika’s performance without question exceeded my expectations, and she handled my questions and queries in true Monika’s fashion.

Ebrahim, Physician, Boston, MA

Page updated January 8, 2017.  Photos courtesy of Monika Wahi, NASAUS Navy and the US Army (two images).